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ASSA is in the entertainment business. It is our job to ensure that aerial entertainment is experienced by all South Africans, irrespective of the level of knowledge or enthusiasm. Everyone wants to come to the local air show to see the beautiful air vehicles - the aeroplanes, the helicopters and not to mention the thunder of a military jet. Our aerobatic teams are of the best in the world and the aerial stage performances are well choreographed and presented with safety as a very definite and defined point of departure.

An air show has always been and will continue to be a huge team effort that is not only appreciated for the aerial acts, but also for the land-side. Our job is to ensure that you, the public, are as comfortable as possible whilst viewing these spectacular feats of aviation artistry. Well-presented, interesting commentary and music support, food and sanitation, relative exhibitions, your (as well as our pilot's) safety and security are all high priorities for us. To ensure that your day turns out to be an all-encompassing aviation experience, we attempt to provide something for the adults as well as the children in the form of memorabilia to take home.

It takes extreme dedication and grit to put the show together. There are aerial actors, display aircraft, ground support and various management interfaces that by law must conform to minimum standards. To give up on these projects because so many criteria must be met, is the easy way out. ASSA is committed to enabling all event organisers who are to synchronise promoters, performers and vendors as well as safety and security service suppliers. So, if you have a problem, we will support and guide you along the (run) way. The way may be rocky, but remember to make it worth our while; the team will be tested to the hilt. Only the faint of heart will step away – but luckily we are not faint of heart and are willing and able to support.

We commit to hosting a well-supported website, being kept interesting, up to date and on time. We feature: great pilots, teams, our officials, our sponsors through newsletters, blogs, as well as promotional sites.

We want all South Africans that are aviation followers, fanatics, activists, critics and even those that are merely interested or passionate about flying, to become a member of our elite association.

We will design emblems and memorabilia that will ensure that you can proudly display your ASSA membership with pride and pleasure.

We endeavour to increase the air shows across the country in order to promote this noble sport to support development. We will engage all municipalities or Metros and local government to ensure sufficient funds to finance the ever increasingly expensive sport.

What we would like from you is merely to support our efforts and let us know what we can improve on.

From the team at ASSA, watch this site; it is going to be your weekly dose of aviation fascination and our forum where you can contribute to our sport. Hopefully it will also become a source of inspiration for the aerial actors of tomorrow.



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