Air Boss

The Air Boss is the person appointed to oversee air side safety at a special air event. Some of his duties are to promote the safe conduct of air side and aerial activities and also to manage the size and complexity of the flight displays.

Air Boss duties prior to the event:

The Air Boss shall meet with the organiser and the air side coordinator/committee to discuss the scope of the planned event, displays and air side activities. The Air Boss' duty is to advise the organiser of the minimum requirements, safety standards, administrative requirements and time lines.

The Air Boss needs to conduct a physical pre-event audit and ensure that all the relevant safety issues have been adhered to.

Early meetings with the relevant emergency services, are to be held to discuss the scope and complexity of air events and possible emergencies or disasters in order to compile a disaster management and evacuation plan. During these meetings the hazards unique in aviation such as Avgas, Jet A1, smoke oil, ejection seats, magnesium components, pyrotechnics etc. need to be discussed and brought to the attention of the emergency services.

Prepare a provisional program in conjunction with the Program Coordinator and organizer.

Air Boss duties during the event

On the day of the event the Air Boss will inspect the airfield, runway, services and facilities to see if anything has changed since the pre-event audit and that all requirements are in order for the event to take place. The Air Boss shall ensure that all emergency services are at their post and in the correct positions.

The Air Boss shall conduct a Pilots Safety Briefing, before the program commences, with all the relevant parties i.e. Display Pilots, Skydivers, Air Traffic Controllers, Organiser, Public commentator, Emergency services, Marshalls, airside approved media / photographers and all parties performing a function related to airside activities including cars, bikes, cheerleaders etc.

Air Boss duties post event

Once the air displays that formed part of the official program have ended and called to a close, the Air Boss will conduct a post event briefing with the participants, organiser and flight director, this brief may be done in person or by means of e-mail, conference call or any other acceptable method of communication.

The Air Boss shall be required to compile and submit a post event report to RAASA.