Ramp Coordinator

At large air shows a Ramp coordinator (RC) would be appointed by the organisers to assist the Safety Officer, Air Boss and Air Traffic Control in getting the various display aircraft in the air.

This person is responsible for controlling the display aircraft in the aircraft park. His duties include the clearance of display aircraft to a holding area where the ATC or Safety Officer will take control. Once the relevant display has been completed and the aircraft is on the ground and clear of the runway, the RC will once again take over and ensure that the aircraft taxi's to the appropriate parking spot.

The Ramp Coordinator will have communication with all the display pilots whether it is by radio or cell phone. The RC will contact the pilots at a set time before each display to ensure that they are at their aircraft and ready to start and taxi out.

While displays are in progress the RC has to stay focused and ensure that the next act is ready to depart and the taxing will not interfere with the landing aircraft.